Page 1: SDG Accord Annual Reporting 2022

You are receving this survey as an institutional signatory of the SDG Accord. This is an annual and mandatory opportunity to provide an update on your institution's Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) progress.  


What is this survey?

By signing the SDG Accord, you have recognised the central and transformational role educators have in attaining the SDGs by 2030 through improved collaboration and aligning of efforts. You are part of the change - and we thank you.

You have committed to mandatory annual reporting on how your institution contributes to the SDGs and this survey captures that information. Institutions that do not report annually within 2 years will be removed from the SDG Accord signatories list unless there are exceptional circumstances.

The EAUC is the secretariat for the SDG Accord.

What will we do with the information?

EAUC will collate the data and it will become the SDG Accord Annual Report 2022. Please ensure to assess your answers for this submission based on your institutional experience of the SDGs in the last 12 months only - with the exception of Q13 and Q16.

This report gives an overview of the post-16 education sector and how it is contributing to the SDGs globally. The information you provide will be used without naming your institution or identifying any individual data. Examples of best practice will be championed in the report with permission from the signatory.

The SDG Accord Annual Report will be presented at the UN High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development in July 2022 - your institution name will be included as a reporting signatory. It will also be made available as a resource publicly and be will be promoted widely through the SDG Accord Endorsing Partners Networks. We encourage signatories to publicly report their own data to increase transparency however this decision is up to each institution.

Important information:

Only one person from each institution should complete this survey - the person completing it should have the authority to report on behalf of their institution.

Please complete the survey below: