Page 1: Welcome to the LANDWISE survey

Who we are

A group of farmers, farm advisers and local organisations, under the guidance and leadership from the Universities of Reading and Gloucestershire who are seeking the views of farmers and land managers about soil management and managing rainfall events.  The LANDWISE project is funded by the Natural Environment Research Council and is seeking to better understand how land management in lowland areas might contribute to reducing the risks from floods and drought. If you want to know more about LANDWISE go to

Why we need your help

We need the help of farmers working in and around the areas upstream from Maidenhead that drain in to the River Thames for the LANDWISE research project, to make sure the questions we ask are practical and useful for the people who own and/or manage land in the area.  We are exploring how different types of land use and management can be used to help manage water movement on and off farm.  To do this, we need to understand how farmers currently use different types of soils and crops so that we can create sensible and realistic scenarios and to identify which areas to investigate further within our research. The findings will be helpful in understanding the challenges that all farmers face when managing their land and the changes that they may have, and may wish to make in the future.  Such information is really important for shaping future policy and decision-making regarding both national and local schemes and programmes.  The survey may enable us to identify practices which are also beneficial agronomically.

This survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete for a single farm holding/unit.  If you manage more than one farm holding/unit please choose one or submit more than one response.