Page 1: Board Diversity Practice Project - Governor Survey

This survey contributes to a collaborative project between AdvanceHE, Perrett Laver and the University of Gloucestershire.  It builds on works by AdvanceHE in 2018 and 2020 designed to develop a resource toolkit to help progress diversity in University Boards through enabling both smooth recruitment and induction processes for Governors 

We are looking at a variety of protected characteristics, beliefs and personal histories in our definition of diversity and our chosen criteria are closely tied in with HESA equality, diversity and inclusion definitions which can be found here.

Responses from this survey contributes to a suite of data collection measures which will form the basis for the evidence to design the Board Diversity Toolkit to support boards to reflect the communities they represent.  In this survey we are particularly interested in your experiences as a governor. 

This survey is confidential and will not identify individual respondents.  Ethical approval for this project has been provided by the University of Gloucestershire Ethics Panel. Information on our ethics policy and procedure can be found here.

Section 1 – About your role as a Governor...

1.1. Which of the following most accurately describes your recruitment type?:  Required
a.1.a. Do you hold any of the following positions on your governing body? Optional
2.2. How long have you served in your current governing post?: 
a.2.a. Is this your first or a subsequent term of office? Required
3.3. In which country is your organisation based? (you can select more than one)?:  Required

Section 2 - About you...

The following section enables us to understand more about you as a Governor

4.4. What is your age?: Required
5.5. Do you identify as disabled? Required
6.6. How would you describe your ethnicity or ethnic background?  Required
7.7. How would you describe your nationality? Required
8.8. How would you describe your gender?  Required
9.9. How would you describe your sexual orientation? (Select all that apply): Required
10.10. Are you trans or do you have a trans history? Required

Trans is an umbrella term that describes people whose gender differs in some way from the sex they were assigned at birth. The term ‘trans history’ can refer to people who no longer identify as trans but were assigned the opposite sex at birth (i.e. they have transitioned). 

11.11. How would you describe your religion or beliefs? (Select all that apply) Required